‘Bidsopt’ partners with ‘adsquare’ to expand its platform targeting capabilities

Bidsopt has today announced its partnership with adsquare, to create a comprehensive suite of in-app audience targeting solutions for brand and performance advertisers across the globe. This partnership gives enhanced access to a vast pool of data sources, which now complements the inherent superior capabilities of targeting and optimisation. The partnership enables the brand and


Cadbury is a leading global confectionery company with an outstanding portfolio of chocolate, gum and candy brands Aim: The advertiser partnered with Bidsopt to drive installs around the launch of the newest Cadbury app for Indonesia. Solution: To maximise the number of installs, Bidsopt promoted the offer through their Mobile DSP platform . The campaign

Akku’s Real Estate

Aku’s Group is engaged in Construction, Development, Infrastructure and Real Estate. Having a presence since 1975, they have successfully completed 72 residential schemes with 45% Average Appreciation. Objective: To promote Aku’s properties through Digital medium, generating Leads and eventually creating a Brand Image on their target region, South Maharashtra for their different projects like Akus


Grofers was founded in December 2013 and is based out of Gurugram. Grofers is a mobile and web-based platform that allows consumers to order products online across categories like groceries, fruits & vegetables, beauty & wellness, baby care, bakery, meats & seafood, pet care, flowers and home & office needs and get them delivered at

Michael kors

Client Name: Michael Kors Flight Dates: July – Nov 2017 Campaign Objective: July – Nov 2017 Total Spend: $11,186.02. Geos: Italy , US , FR, DE, AU, TW, GB, IT, MX, CA Total Impression Deliverd: Italy , US , FR, DE, AU, TW, GB, IT, MX, CA

Otto Clothing

Campaign Objective: To drive brand awareness about its new flagship showroom Campaign Type: Native and Banner ads to deliver nearby to the flagship showroom Results: The campaign was served to over 1Mn unique users close to the vicinity of OTTO showroom and resulted in an increased brand awareness and showroom visit.

Ads.txt – Authorised Digital Sellers

While ads.txt revolves around advertising, the ads part is actually an acronym that stands for Authorized Digital Sellers. Ads.txt is an initiative by the Interactive Advertising Bureau IAB to enable publishers to take control over who can sell their ad inventory. Simply put It is an IAB-approved text file that aims to prevent unauthorized inventory sales to promote

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The Growth of Artificial intelligence in Programmatic Advertising

Artificial intelligence can be applied in almost every industry to modernise processes. It is for marketing enables automation, optimisation, and measuring the repetitive marketing activities, saving time for more strategic, creative work. The progress of AI algorithms must be at the important of any advertising company that needs to deliver the greatest solutions for publishers,

What is Supply Path Optimization? Why is it important for DSPs and SSPs?

The publisher has implemented header bidding for increasing bid; it permits an aggressive SSP to alter outcomes for both the publisher and the advertiser significantly. Header bidding is a more domestic and improved tech combination between Publisher and advertiser. It is a progressive programmatic technique. It is also called as pre-bidding wherein publishers offer inventory